Worx Hedge Trimmers

Worx is a brand of lawn and garden equipment distributed by Chinese company Positec Tool Company. Worx tools have been selling for over 20 years, and is found in numerous stores across the United States including Walmart and Home Depot. Worx’s hedge trimmers typically fall into a more mobile genre of power hedge trimmers.

Worx 32V WG275

The WG275 is an affordable hedge trimmer that produces a great bang for your buck. With a 20 inch steel blade, the WG725 has the ability to cut through branches over 2cm thick. The dual action blade system reduces vibration in order to provide users with a more stable grip. With a unique front handle design, trimming has never been easier from multiple angles, most notably the angle you need to get just as you like. With a soft-grip handle, grip soreness is reduced so that users can work longer and more efficiently. Featuring a 32 volt MaxLithium battery, the WG275 is geared to produce high quality work for longer periods of time. At 8.2 pounds, the WG275 is provides a top mobility within the market of power hedge trimmers. With a transparent hand guard, the WG275 combines safety and visibility at the highest efficiency possible. The WG275 has a great reputation from Amazon buyers, with a commendable 4.5 average star rating through almost 50 reviews.


Worx WG209

The WG209 is a great option for those looking for one of the lightest power hedge trimmers on the market. With an astonishing 5.7 product weight, the WG209 doesn’t weigh you down nearly at all while you work. As an electric hedge trimmer, users don’t have to worry about buying gas every time the trimmer quits. With a longer 24 inch blade, the WG209’s compact size doesn’t compromise the reach that users achieve. With a cutting diameter of three quarters of an inch, the WG209 cuts easily through smaller shrubs. The WG209 is wildly popular amongst Amazon buyers, with a nearly flawless average star record of 4.7. What makes the WG209 a very attractive piece of machinery is that it’s 5.7 pound weight feels most like you aren’t carrying anything without compromising cut power.


Worx WG212

The Worx WG212 is one of the most affordable power hedge trimmers on the market. Although it is cheaper than most hedge trimmers, it still produces great power for the trimming jobs you need done through its 3.8 amp. The 20 inch blade is a standard size, but at 6.6 pounds, it feels much lighter than a standard power hedge trimmer. With cutting capability of ¾ inches, the WG212 is a great tool to have for detailed trimming. Featuring a transparent safety guard, the WG212 combines safety and visibility to create an exceptional work experience. What makes the WG212 a great piece of equipment is that for those that are looking to do light trimming, the Worx WG212 provides an incredibly affordable means of achieving that.


Worx products are typically smaller and more mobile, making it a great product for someone looking to do light work around their house. The Worx trimmers are noticeably cheaper but not for lack of quality, they are simply just more geared for less strenuous cutting and therefore have less power.

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