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More and more people today are looking to take care of their small scale landscaping on their own rather than outsourcing it to specialists, which can often be much more expensive. One of the biggest tasks that people encounter is hedge trimming, but many of these people don’t know what to look for. In order to address the uncertainty, this article will address the features of two brands of hedge trimmers. These brands are Echo and Worx, who both specialize in hedge trimmers for both consumer and servicing use.

Echo Brand

Echo is a leader in developing high-quality handheld outdoor equipment which includes both power and manual tools. Some of the products that Echo currently sells are blowers, chainsaws, pumps, sprayers, hedge trimmers, and many more. Echo has been in business for over 40 years, and its products are currently distributed through Home Depot stores.

Echo HC-152 21.2cc Hedge Trimmer

Echo HC-152 Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The...

The Echo HC-152 is Echo’s standard hedge trimmer, which boasts some of the best features and a relatively low price. Powered by a two-stroke engine, the HC-152 has plenty of power for the job needing done. With a 20 inch double sided and double reciprocating blades, users have a clean, precise cut and durability when it comes to sharpness. With an air filtration system, the engine is not compromised by expelled gases. The HC-152 features a safety guard on the front handle, ensuring maximum safety while the HC-152 is in operation. The back handle features a throttle lockout to prevent unintentional throttle activation. The air filter is secured without having to use tools to open it, making it easy for users to access. The great thing about the HC-152 is that you don’t have to drop the largest amount of cash to get a high-quality tool that is guaranteed to produce great work for you given it is used properly.

Echo HC-155 Hedge Trimmer

The HC-155 Hedge Trimmer by Echo is a heavier duty hedge trimmer promising that no job is tough for it to cut easily and sharply through. The HC-155 features a 2-stroke engine that produces ample enough power for whatever task you need done. Featuring an i-30 starting system, users are no longer spending a great bulk of their work time trying to get their hedge trimmer to crank. With a larger than standard 24 inch double-sided blade, owners not only get a longer reach, but they also get the same precise cut with the double-reciprocating RazorEdge technology implemented in the blade design. The front and back handles complement each other in order to provide a comfortable grip for longer lasting projects that require extensive stability. The HC-155 is coverable with a 2-year commercial warranty or 5-year consumer warranty, giving you the confidence that the H-155 will be a reliable source of work for a long time. The HC-155 is great for those looking to heavier duty projects, but also is more than serviceable for standard and smaller pieces of work.

Echo SHC 225S

  • 21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance
  • i-30 starting system for reduced effort starting
  • 20" double-sided, double-reciprocating RazorEdge blades for long-lasting...

The Echo SHC 225S boasts some of the best maneuverability within the hedge trimmer market. The SHC-225s is designed to provide a lightweight option for those looking for the same power of a gas hedge trimmer. Featuring an i-30 starting system, SHC-225S owners will not wear themselves out before even getting to the work they’re setting out to do. The SHC-225S features 20 inch double sided RazorEdge blades for high quality cutting ability. With a 20 inch shaft length, users get complete control over their hedge trimmer for closer cuts or closer spaces needed access to. With an air-filtration system implemented, the SHC-225S’s engine lasts longer. The SHC also boasts a design that reduces vibration in order to prevent the user from having an unstable hand while working. What is great about the SHC-225S is that its more evenly distributed weight makes it an easier carry for those working on longer projects.

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